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Emerald Corp CBD brands are grown and manufactured in the United States. Each farm provides quality flowers at the best available pricing which we pass on to you through our online CBD shop.

Our manufacturing facilities are FDA approved based on the latest accredited cGMP standards. Each CBD product is formulated under US regulations and is legal to consume in the United States and numerous other countries.

Emerald Corp does not develop, manufacture, distribute, or sell any CBD product that violates the United States Law or the Controlled Substance Act.

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Our online shop offers a variety of CBD, CBD Oil, Hemp, shrooms and more! We are passionate about providing premium CBD products because we have seen lives positively impacted.

The Emerald Corp's CBD products are grown from hemp and extracted in a low heat and pressure atmosphere to obtain the highest quality Nano CBD products available. We do not use synthetic CBD or CBD isolate.


We offer a wide variety of high quality brands so that you can shop CBD online for the best available CBD, CBD Oil, hemp, shrooms and more.


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