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There’s nothing more important than a good night’s rest. Fall into the dream world with the assistance of Naturefine+ CBD and melatonin-infused Goodnight Drops.

 Getting a goodnight’s sleep is very important, and having insomnia can be a real bummer. At Emerald Corp, we wanted to help all those people in need of good sleep. That is why we created the Nature Fine + Goodnight Drops. They are infused with melatonin, and the CBD formula that is specially created for this product will make you sleep like a baby. The product’s strength is five times higher than with regular CBD products because we wanted you to feel the effects as soon as possible. Now, if you are ready to know all the details about CBD tinctures before purchasing the product, keep on reading.

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Naturefine+ showcases A full Line of enhanced CBD formulas designed to meet ALL of your needs. Our team of PHD chemists have created proprietary blends using a variety of active ingredients that have added benefits to our product, unlike any CBD brand on the market

1oz Tincture
500mg Nano Emulsified CBD

What are CBD drops?


CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis, and unlike THC, it doesn’t have a psychoactive effect, meaning that it can’t get you high as THC products can. CBD oils are made in such a way where we extract CBD from the plant and then dilute it in carrier oil, for example, coconut oil or hemp oil. CBD oils are very well-known for their health benefits, and they are not used to get people high but for their therapeutic effect. With CBD gaining lots of popularity over the years, it is essential to know what those benefits are, and we are here to tell you all of them. Of course, depending on the carrier oil, the health benefits can differ, but the main health benefits that CBD oil has are that it can relieve pain, it will be enough if you rub it onto the hurt area or mix it in with your food to feel the effects of it. CBD oils also have a calming effect that is why it is used by people suffering from anxiety worldwide. CBD oils can also help calm you down in stressful situations, like before an important interview. Also, they have been known to have neuroprotective features. Not many people know that, but CBD oil is also great for people who have acne. It can help calm your skin, and when it is mixed with the right carrier oils, it can help you get rid of your problem altogether. They have also been known to help people with substance abuse, and it is a great product to use when suffering from any type of heart problem. Now, let us tell you all about CBD oil tinctures and what are all the ways they could benefit you!

What is a CBD oil tincture?


The word tincture means medication kept in an alcohol arrangement, and a CBD oil tincture is just that. CBD is extracted from the plant and soaked in alcohol, then with the boiling procedure turned into liquid. In tinctures, CBD is usually combined with alcohol, glycerin, and cinnamon or peppermint oil. Tinctures have a lower concentration of CBD than what there is in CBD oil. They are, in some cases, better to use than CBD oils since they have a longer shelf life because of the alcohol it contains, which is a tincture that serves as a preservative. CBD tinctures can be used several ways; you can leave it under the tongue or even mix it with the food, depending on your liking. CBD usually has a very bitter taste. That is why it is mixed with other ingredients that can improve the flavor of the product. Some of the ingredients found in CBD tinctures are vitamins like B12, D, C, and so on, water, herbs, melatonin, sweetener, and essential oils like lavender. That is great when mixed in with a product that is supposed to give you a goodnight’s sleep; basil oil can also be mixed in tinctures. They have all the same health and therapeutic benefits as CBD oils have, like helping with anxiety, stress, pain, etc. If you stored your tincture in a dry and cool place, it would last you way more than what a CBD oil will. That is why we recommend buying one instead of a CBD oil. They are very easy to use and excellent for CBD newbies and already frequent users. Now that you know everything you need to know, let us tell you about our Nature Fine + Goodnight Drops that will give you the best sleep you’ve ever had.

Where to buy Goodnight CBD drops?


Now that you know all there is let’s get down to business. Our Naturefine + Goodnight Drops have everything that a CBD tincture should have and more. It has been made by some of the best Ph.D. scientists to give the best product to their customers. Every product in Emerald Corp is made with one special ingredient: love, which is one of the most important ingredients when creating something. Our CBD tincture comes in a 30ml bottle, and our recommended dosage per serving is 16mg. Trust us. You won’t be making any mistakes when choosing our product to help you fall asleep. The product’s price is very reasonable given the fact that it has been made with the best possible products on the market. CBD tinctures are great to use for beginners since they are easy to use and have delicious flavors. All you need to do with our Nature Fine + Goodnight Drops is leave 16mg of them under your tongue for 40-60 minutes and wait for it to have its effect on you. You will feel the effects five times as fast in comparison to other CBD products. The tincture has 500mg of nano-emulsified CBD and melatonin in it for a perfect result. It can be difficult for beginners to choose the best possible CBD product since the market is getting bigger, but thankfully you are in the right spot. All there is left for you to do is make your order and wait for it to arrive, and trust us after you use our Nature Fine + Goodnight Drops, you will be so happy that you will want to tell all of your friends about it!



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82 reviews for NatureFine+ – Goodnight Drops – 500mg

  1. Heather

    Love this stuff. I’ve tried so many brands of cbd. Some have me stomach aches. But this brand works awesome kicks in fast an by far the best tasting one forsure

  2. James B. (verified owner)

    The Goodnight Drops from Emerald Corp have made a world of difference in my sleep quality and overall life balance. The online shopping process was easy to navigate, the product descriptions were detailed, and the delivery was quick. I am delighted with my experience with Emerald Corp and their commitment to enriching lives.

  3. Amelia C. (verified owner)

    The NatureFine Goodnight Drops from Emerald Corp have genuinely enhanced my lifestyle. My sleep has improved, leading to a positive domino effect on my day-to-day activities. The whole online shopping process was effortless, and the delivery was prompt. Cheers to Emerald Corp for their exceptional service!

  4. Harper A. (verified owner)

    I’m thrilled with my purchase from Emerald Corp. The Goodnight Drops have become a crucial part of my sleep regimen, resulting in significant improvements in my life quality. The online shopping experience was flawless, and the delivery was swift. Thank you, Emerald Corp, for contributing to my improved lifestyle.

  5. Adrian Z. (verified owner)

    The NatureFine Goodnight Drops from Emerald Corp have been a game-changer in my daily routine. They have improved my sleep quality tremendously, contributing positively to my lifestyle. The online purchasing process was seamless, and the delivery was prompt. It’s clear that Emerald Corp is committed to enhancing people’s lives through their products.

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