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Our Naturefine+ Love Drops feature active ingredients Ashwagandha and Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed). This product was formulated to enhance Libido!

Looking for a product that will boost your sex drive and make your experience even better than before? Then you are in the right spot. At Emerald Corp, we had some of our best PHD scientists work on a formula to create the best love drops for our customers, and we have succeeded in that task. We have created a product called Nature Fine + Love Drops that improves libido and has Ashwagandha and Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) in it. This product also has 500mg of nano-emulsified CBD in it, making sure to give you your best experience as soon as possible. Our formula is five times stronger than some other formulas on the market, which means that you will feel its effects very soon after consuming the product. If you are interested in knowing more about CBD and how it can improve libido, we will explain all that in the next few paragraphs, so keep on reading.

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Naturefine+ showcases A full Line of enhanced CBD formulas designed to meet ALL of your needs. Our team of PHD chemists have created proprietary blends using a variety of active ingredients that have added benefits to our product, unlike any CBD brand on the market

1oz Tincture
500mg Nano Emulsified CBD

Nano Emulsified CBD, MCT oil, Natural Flavoring, Ashwagandha, Epimedium


What is a Love Drop?


A love drop is a CBD product meant to boost your sex drive. Now, there is not a lot of research on all the ways that CBD can help improve your sex drive, but there are some, and they implicate the following. In a recent study, scientists have found ECS receptors in reproductive organs, which are also found in the brain. In that way, when consuming CBD love drops, you could improve your libido and make your sex life even better than it was until now. As CBD has been known to help with anxiety, that is another way that it can influence people’s sex drive. Since many people have social anxiety or get nervous before having sex, CBD love drops can help calm you down and improve your sex life. CBD has also been known to help people with low sex drive since CBD influences the ECS in the reproductive organs. With so many CBD products on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you, but luckily you are in the right spot because at Emerald Corp, we have created a formula that will make you feel the results very fast, and CBD is combined with some of the best known libido-boosting ingredients in a tincture. Now, if you don’t know what CBD tinctures are, we explain all about them in the following few paragraphs, so keep on reading to learn everything about them.

What is a Tincture?


Tinctures have been around for centuries, and ever since they are invented, tinctures have been helping people in many ways. Tinctures are known as herbal medicine, where the roots, leaves, flowers, or bark of the herb is soaked in vinegar or alcohol, and the reason for them being soaked in alcohol is that alcohol in tinctures serves as a preservative, but not only that, by absorbing parts of the herb in alcohol, you are able to turn it into liquid, by keeping all the nutritional components of it. They are an excellent way of keeping herbal medicine because alcohol prolongs the lifespan of a tincture. Another benefit of a tincture is that they are easy to use, all you have to do is put a few drops under your tongue, but you can also mix it in with your food and wait for the medicine to affect you. When it comes to the taste of tinctures, companies have now started adding lots of extracts that will make the tincture tastier if it is made from herbs that really don’t have an appealing taste. Tinctures are a bit more expensive to make than other herbal medicine, so if the tincture price is higher than the other herbal product, don’t be surprised. Now, with the popularity of alternative medicine constantly rising, so has the popularity of tinctures become bigger. But we are here to talk about one special tincture that has made its debut not so long ago, and ever since, it has started gaining immense popularity. Yes, we are talking about CBD tinctures; read on to find out everything about them.

What is a CBD Tincture?


A CBD tincture is one of the most popular CBD products on the market. If you are a new CBD consumer, it would be best if you started with a tincture, and we are going to tell you all the reasons for it. CBD tinctures are made in a way where CBD flowers are soaked in high-proof alcohol for an extended period; then it is boiled and made into a liquid. They are a very durable CBD product, and once they are stored in a dry, cool place. Apart from that, as we said earlier, tinctures are extremely easy to use and are best for new CBD users because, with them, it is very easy to control the input of the product when consuming it. CBD tinctures are often mixed with oils and other herbs to serve a specific purpose; for example, CBD tinctures that have melatonin in them are best for someone looking for a goodnight’s sleep. As for people looking for a better sex drive, CBD tinctures like the Nature Fine + Love Drops that have Ashwagandha and Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) in them are perfect. CBD is a cannabinoid with a very bitter and bad taste; that is why different extracts and herbs are added to it, so consumers will have the best experience when using CBD products. When taking your CBD dosage with a tincture, we always recommend following the recommended dose that is usually written on the bottle of the product, and we recommend new users try a smaller quantity, and then when they feel ready, they can start using the recommended dose. All in all, buying Nature Fine + Love Drops if you are someone looking to boost their libido is the best thing you can do since the tincture is made with the best possible ingredients to give you the utmost pleasure, when you consume it.



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136 reviews for NatureFine+ – Love Drops – 500mg

  1. Sophie L. (verified owner)

    The Love Drops from NatureFine+ have quickly become my favorite. They’re super easy to use and provide the relaxation I need. Emerald Corp made the whole shopping experience smooth and easy. They also delivered my order quite quickly.

  2. Grace F. (verified owner)

    Love Drops from NatureFine have been a delightful addition to my wellness journey. They’re very effective and have a pleasant taste too. Emerald Corp made my shopping experience a breeze.

  3. Benjamin S. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using NatureFine+’s Love Drops for a few weeks now and I’m really impressed with the quality. They’re easy to consume and provide a calming sensation. Shopping with Emerald Corp was also a pleasant experience. They shipped my order promptly and packaged it well.

  4. William D. (verified owner)

    My experience with NatureFine’s Love Drops and shopping at Emerald Corp has been outstanding. These Love Drops are more than just a wellness product to me; they’ve greatly improved my lifestyle. The dropper is super easy to use and the product offers a calming effect. Not to mention, the shopping experience at Emerald Corp was just phenomenal. I was able to easily navigate their website and find what I was looking for. And the prompt delivery was a bonus. I’ve been singing praises about these Love Drops and the excellent service by Emerald Corp to all my friends and family. It’s truly a must-try for anyone looking to enhance their well being! 😊

  5. Chloe R. (verified owner)

    The Love Drops from NatureFine+ have been a game-changer for me. They’re very effective and taste good too. Shopping from Emerald Corp was a breeze, and the delivery was quick.

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