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Hmm, the delicious and pleasurable D8 gummies, if you are ready for something new and refreshing when it comes to D8 products, you are in the right spot! At Emerald Corp, we have conspired to make the best and tastiest D8 gummies on the market, and that’s why we have here our True Delta Watermelon gummies. They have a very high concentration of D8 in them and will give you the best D8 experience you’ve ever had! But, we didn’t forget about the taste; as we said, the D8 gummy formula and the taste together will give you the best possible experience. They come in a 500mg package, and every gummy weighs 25mg, which means you get 20 servings with one package. But, if you are a new user, we recommend you to be careful with the dosage you take in first, try with small bites, and if you feel ready, ump the dosage. Now, if you are interested in knowing everything about the product and more, read on.

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Our 500mg watermelon slices D8 gummy comes replete with a high concentration of D8, more than enough to give the complete experience, and a natural watermelon flavor that makes consumption as smooth as possible.


What Are D8 Watermelon?


D8 watermelon is a typo of D8 gummy with a unique watermelon flavor. They are refreshing and give you pleasure while and after the consummation of the product. They are suitable for D8 newbies and people who use D8 products regularly. They have many health benefits and give you the most relaxing high while still being aware of your surroundings and being able to finish all of your daily tasks; plus, they are delicious. Doesn’t the taste of watermelon remind you of a relaxing day at the beach? Well, why not rewind and take a D8 watermelon gummy and get as relaxed as when you are at the beach. Gummies are easy to use; all you need to do is take your daily dose of D8 gummy and wait for it to start doing its magic. But if you are a new user, be careful don’t take the whole gummy for your first use; go little by little and increase the dosage when you feel like you are ready. Gummies have become the most popular way to get D8, and D8 basically owes its popularity to D8 gummies; they are good because you don’t need to vape or smoke in the product; you can choose a much easier and tastier way to get all the benefits that D8 has. Now, if you are still not sure whether to use or not to use D8 gummies, we are here to give you all the information about D8 before you start. Here is everything you need to know about D8 before starting out your D8 journey.

What Is D8?


D8 is a natural cannabinoid often mixed up with D9 THC but, it is very much different from it. D8 is derived from hemp, just like 100 other types of cannabinoids. Although it has all the health benefits that D9 THC does and many more, it is not the same. The chemical difference in D8 and D9 THC is that D9 has a double bond on the ninth carbon chain, while D8 has the same bond on the eighth carbon chain. They are very similar but, D8 has less of a psychoactive effect on people than D9 THC does. Also, D8 is found in much smaller amounts than D9 in the cannabis plant, and it connects to CB2 receptors very easily, which are most present in the immune system and the digestive tract. That is one of the reasons D8 has many health benefits. It has an anti-nausea effect and is there to give you an appetite boost, and it is very beneficial for people who are going through chemotherapy because of it. And that also means that D8 will give you a more full-body effect. They are also good when used as pain relievers and are very helpful for people who suffer from anxiety. Now, the two big questions “Is D8 legal?” and “Is D8 going to show up on my drug test?”. The answer to both questions is YES! Drug tests work very simple, and all they do is detect the presence of cannabis in your urine; and for that reason, D8 will definitely show up on your drug test. As for the first question, it is legal in all countries that CBD is legal in because of it being low in THC. Now, since you know everything about D8, you are ready to know everything about the best Watermelon D8 gummies on the market!

Where to Buy D8 Watermelon?


D8 gummy market is so big, and we are glad you are in the right place to get your product because in Emerald Corp, we strive to satisfy every one of our customers, so you can rest assured that you will be getting the best and the tastiest product on the market! We take pride in our products because we are sure that every one of them is made with the best ingredients and that they are all infused with the most important ingredient, and that’s love. The True Delta Watermelon gummies come in a 500mg package, where every gummy weighs 25mg, as said previously, which gives you 20 servings. But, if you are a beginner and are trying our D8 gummies for the first time, we recommend you first use one-third of the gummy, then when you feel ready, you can take two-thirds, all the way up to one whole gummy. They will keep you high for about 5 to 6 hours and will relax you, but still give you enough energy to finish your daily tasks. Our True Delta Watermelon gummies are highly concentrated, with D8 making sure to provide you with the utmost pleasure. They are very refreshing and tasty too. The watermelon slices have all the health benefits that every D8 product should while having the best possible taste. Now that you know everything about the True Delta Watermelon slices, nothing else is left for you to do except buy them and enjoy your D8 gummies.


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