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If you are looking for something to bring some light to your life, then you are definitely in the right spot! The True Delta Neon Gummies will do just that and even more. They are highly infused with D8 to make sure that they will give you the best possible experience when consuming the product, they are also delicious. When looking for that perfect D8 gummy, trust us that you won’t be making any mistake when choosing True Delta Neon Gummy. They come in a package of 500mg, with 20 servings of those perfect D8 neon gummies, and each of them weighs 25mg. You can find all the information you may need in the next few paragraphs before purchasing our product.



Specially formulated to deliver its Delta 8 concentration as fast and efficiently as possible, our Neon Cubes D8 gummies are definitely sure to bring a glow into your life.

What are d8 Neon Gummies?


D8 products have been around for some time now, and the product that gained the most popular out of all D8 products are definitely the D8 gummies. They come in all different flavors because every company that produces D8 products strives to satisfy as many customers’ needs as they can. Even though the product’s flavor is essential, something that is even more important is that the products are made from organic ingredients. The company is choosing the best possible ingredients to make the perfect D8 gummies. They give you everything your body needs and more. D8 gummies can be treated as an afternoon snack, but they are much more than that; they are healthy for your body. They are very easy to use, that’s why they are probably the best option for our beginners. The high that gummies give last around 4-6 hours. And it is not at all the same as the high D9 THC will provide you with. D8 gummies will relax you and give you a full-body effect. They don’t have a psychoactive effect like D9 products do. They will make you more aware of your surroundings and will never make you paranoid. This is a perfect option for all the people looking for a goodnight’s sleep or those who are in any kind of pain. They are also great for when you have a big day ahead of you and don’t want anxiety getting in the way. Neon gummies have an exciting feature where they glow; they are the result of companies wanting to surprise their customers and give them something new to look forward to. Now, if you are ready to learn everything about D8 before your purchase, keep on reading.

What is D8?


People often mix up D8 and D9 THC, but they are definitely not the same. They will both give you a different high and have different chemical structures. The high that D8 will provide you with is more relaxing and less psychoactive than the high that D9 THC will give you. D8 is found in minimal amounts in cannabis, so scientists have found a way to oxidize D9 and dilute it to D8. The main chemical difference between the two cannabinoids is that the D8 has a molecular bond on the 8th carbon chain, while D9 has the same bond on the 9th chain. There are so many health benefits that using D8 recreationally will give you. One of them is lowering your anxiety by relaxing you, and it is proven to be very healthy for our brain. It can also work as a tool to help you ease your pain, D8 also has an anti-nausea effect on people, and with all these things being said, D8 has been known to help many cancer patients. Now, if you are wondering if D8 will show up on your drug test, we are here to tell you that it will. The drug test detects cannabis in your urine, and as D8 is a compound found in cannabis, it will definitely show up. If you wonder if D8 is legal, we are here to give you the good news, D8 is legal in all countries that CBD is legal in. If you are looking for something that will give you a higher buzz than CBD, but that will have less of psychoactive potency, then using D8 products is the right thing for you. Now, as the market is getting bigger, there are many different products available, but why not start with gummies? And we have the best gummies ready for you now!

Where to buy D8 Neon Gummies?


You know you’re in the right spot! Because in Emerald Corp we make the best D8 products available on the market. We are proud of our True Delta D8 neon gummies! They’ve been known to bring a little sparkle of light in everyone’s life, not only because they glow in the dark but because of the feeling they give you. The taste of our True Delta D8 neon gummies is delicious; we wanted to make sure our customers will have a good experience all throughout. Our True Delta Neon Gummies come in a package with 20 servings of delicious and pleasurable gummies. They will give you the most amazing high and keep you active and focused throughout the day. They have all the health benefits that D9 THC products have without the psychoactive effects. Our gummies are made with the best possible ingredients because we want to give our customers the best that there is. They are highly infused with D8 because we wanted you to have the best possible experience and give your body just what it needs. The recommended dosage for our customers is one gummy per serving, and we recommend that our new users start with a smaller dosage until they get used to using D8 and feel ready to ump their dosage. With our D8 neon gummies, you really get the best of both worlds, the relaxation of CBD and the health benefits of D9, plus we just can’t deny the amazing taste of our gummies. So, why wait, scroll up and buy the most amazing D8 gummies you’ve ever tried!


True Delta


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