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Are you starting a boxing carrier? If you are, Joy Jones Jr. can help you with his advices. But most importantly he can help you choose one of the best CBD products that are there on the market today. Trying CBD for the first time while you are trying to build a carrier in sports might not seem like a good idea, but believe us; you are going to love it. With its best-selling products, The Emerald Corp is at the top of the list when you search for the finest CBD. Left Hook CBD is a tincture that will give you the post-training knockout feeling that you’ve been looking for. Left Hook CBD comes in a form of a tincture, and there are 500mg of this fine treasure in a 1oz bottle. Stay tuned to find out more.



1oz Tincture

500mg Full Spectrum CBD
Other Ingredients: MCT Oil, Linalool, Melatonin

3mg of Melatonin per serving


What is CBD?


When thinking about weed, not many people think about CBD first. The first thing that goes through their minds is the effect of getting high, and that effect is produced by a chemical compound of THC. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD will not give you the thrill of getting high. CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound of more than 100 different chemicals, and will not give you the sensation of getting intoxicated. You can get CBD from hemp or marijuana plant. But in most cases CBD is extracted from hemp plant. Its levels are higher in hemp than they are in marijuana; thus CBD is directly derivate from the hemp plant for tinctures, oils, capsules, and tablets.  While CBD is a component of marijuana it will not get you flying. That is one of the main reasons why CBD has become so popular, and the fact that CBD has no THC in it, means that all CBD products that are not mixed with THC are legal. With CBD gaining popularity over the years, companies have started making all kinds of CBD products meant to help those who need it. Some of the CBD products that you can find on the market are gummies, tinctures, balms, salves, etc. CBD will give you a feeling of relief or relaxation, that is one of the main reasons why people use CBD. You can use it to cure acne, epilepsy, anxiety, and many other health problems. It can also be used to treat depression and as an energizer. So taking a few drops of your favorite CBD tincture or oil can give a significant boost of energy before hitting the gym. Now if you are an athlete and you are interested in knowing everything about how can CBD benefit you, then keep on reading.



How Can CBD Benefit Athletes?


When thinking about athletes some of us may think that their muscles can’t feel any soreness or tightness, well to be frank most of us are very wrong. Because athletes have such intense trainings and workouts, their muscles suffer a big deal. That is why most of them tend to go to certain massages and relaxation treatments. But having CBD at home can put the end to most of your suffering as an athlete.  CBD is well known for its effects, it calms your nerves down, it helps you with anxiety and it can help you with your muscle tightness and soreness after a good workout. CBD affects the brain in that way that it lowers down your pain receptors, and it lightens up your mood and your muscles. Therefore most of the athletes love the feeling after rubbing Left Hook CBD Body Work Lotion onto their muscles.

Injuries are a common thing among athletes too. And if athletes have a carrier in sports, and are professionals, they have to come back to the ring or on the field as soon as possible. And that is not that easy as it looks. Going through sports injuries can be a painful process, but choosing a Left Hook CBD product from The Emerald Corp online shop, and receiving it right at your door step, might help you to lessen your pain and help you get back on your feet sooner than it would be without it.  Another good thing about using CBD if you’re an athlete is that it can help you manage the stress before a big game or match. A lot of sports men and women tend to have anxiety before a big game, and taking a few drops of Left Hook CBD tincture is the best way to control your anxiety before a game.



What is Left Hook CBD?


Left Hook CBD are products launched by the leading private label supplements manufacturer called The Emerald Corp. The Emerald Corp is a private label company that is situated in Long Island, NY. Its products have been on the top of the list of private label supplements manufacturers for as long as it has been on the market. But some products really stand out from the rest. And those are Left Hook CBD products! Roy Jones Jr. is a former American boxer, actor, boxing commentator and a rapper who merged his strengths with The Emerald Corp to make CBD products called Left Hook CBD. Left Hook stands for his left hand knock out that brought many boxers from James Tony to Jeff Lacy out of the ring. Left Hook CBD products go from sleep tinctures to rubbing lotions to recovery tinctures with spirulina. If you are looking for a better sleep after the game then taking Left Hook CBD Knock Out is the best choice for you. It has 500mg of CBD in it and is with Melatonin to help you have a better quality sleep. And if you suffer from joint pain, and need that rubbing lotion to work immediately than Left Hook CBD Knuckle Up with Arnica and Turmeric is the one to order or buy. Moreover if you need that extra kick before the game or you need a recovery potion you can take Left Hook CBD Recovery tincture with spirulina to help you deal with it.



Left Hook Cbd


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