BUDD – Top Shelf – 3.5g Gelato


Our Gelato, is an indoor Suver strain combined with Cannabis Derived, Gelato Terpenes and then dusted in Suver Kief.
It’s pungent and dessert-like aroma is of superior quality to other hemp flower on the market.

This product is federally compliant with THC levels below 0.3% and has been full panel tested for quality assurance.

1 jar – 3.5g



Top Shelf Gelato provides the perfect balance between relaxation and energy. In short, it gives you enough energy to get around without getting fatigued, while leaving your body relaxed enough at the same time.
This, obviously, is a feeling many crave but is usually quite difficult to attain. Not anymore, however, thanks to the unique blend in the Budd Top Shelf Gelato.

What’s more, this amazing product comes in a sweet and delicate exterior with a fruity aroma. Don’t be fooled by the soft exterior, though, as the potency that comes afterwards is as high as efficient as they come.




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